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I create advertising product visualizations, creative key visualsand 3d animation with an emphasis on detail, lighting and overall composition for e-shops, product pages and marketing campaigns.

I model detailedand exactly 3d models of products based on drawings, photos or physical objects for visualization or presentation in AR, VR, Unreal Engine.

I design and model corporate 3d mascots, game characters and characters for 3d printing.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to answer you within one working day. 

Based on the experience gained while working in the VFX industry alwaysI'm thinking about how to make production more efficientin order to achieve an optimal solution.
IndividuallyI back up projects, to minimize the risk of data loss. I useprofessional equipment and legal software. 

  • I am consistent. My goal is the perfection of outputs and the maximum satisfaction of each client.
  • I am proactive. I am not afraid to speak up if the client requests something that I don't think will work and I will propose my own solution.​
  • I am economical. I am always thinking about how to optimize production and save costs.


  • Stylized 3D characters – company or product mascots, virtual/game characters or figurines for 3D printing
  • Sales product visualizations – realistic product renderings and stylized 3D illustrations for e-commerce and print advertising
  • Key visuals – using 3D graphics for advertising campaigns, landing pages, etc.
  • 3D animation – from storyboard, animation, animation, lighting, rendering to post-production​
  • 3D models of products – including texturing for presentation in programs Unreal Engine, Sketchfab, etc.​​



Ing. Petr Svoboda

jednatel Sdružení pro výstavbu silnic

Spolupráce s Tomášem Pilátem je naprosto skvělá. Dokáže vystihnout přání klienta, sladit vizuální i zvukovou složku díla, předložit další možnosti a nápady. Přestože na zpracování nebylo moc času, nebyl ani náznak stresu, při jednání je vždy profesionální a empatický.

Grigory Vyatkin

Vojtěch Veselý

COO & PRRC of Mebster

Tomáš Pilát je profesionál pro tvorbu 3D animovaných videí. Oceňujeme jeho schopnost rychle pochopit naše komplexní požadavky. Zvláštní uznání si od nás zaslouží za to, jak dokázal vystihnout pohyby našeho exoskeletu a tím našemu produktu vdechnout život. Spolupráce s Tomášem byla velice příjemná, zejména díky jeho efektivitě a rychlosti a včasnému dodání.

co-founder Heaven Labs s.r.o. (Moll)

Tomáš is a great and reliable 3D generalist, who at Mana was in charge of 3D visualization of products: both static pack-shots and creative animations with more advanced post-production. Tomáš is characterized not only by great artistic qualities, but also by healthy assertiveness, he meets deadlines, listens to the needs of the Art Department and is generally friendly in cooperation with the team. Definitely recommend!

Jan Zavadil

3d animator,

I worked closely with Tomáš in the team for more than a year. Tomáš is a skilled generalist with an emphasis on modeling, lighting and rendering of product visuals and animations.
His wide range of skills in various 2D and 3D programs allows him to complete any project. He can quickly integrate into a new production pipeline and master new software, which he has demonstrated without any problems during the time we have worked together. His attention to detail and his design skills make every visual a great result. He is also a promising storyboarder with a good feel for story, flow, editing and direction. Tomáš is easy to talk to and work with, which creates a seamless working environment. I am sure he will take care of your project with ease and a smile on his face.

Pasta Oner

One of the most outstanding contemporary artists

Collaborating to visualize a work of art requires a great deal of empathy and creative collaboration. This collaboration also requires considerable flexibility and speed in communication and visualization creation. I found all these qualities and abilities in Mr. Pilát during the collaboration. I can only warmly recommend it.

Ivan Komenda

CEO of IKONICstyle s.r.o.

Tomáš Pilát and I collaborated on several quite demanding projects, and the fact that the collaboration did not end there speaks for our satisfaction. Tomáš is a very perceptive and empathetic professional who can brilliantly grasp, work with and develop an initial idea. He always kept the agreed dates and price. If you are looking for a reliable, creative partner for your project, we can warmly recommend Mr. Tomáš Pilát!

Tomas Tamchyna

co-owner of GAT CZ, s.r.o

I worked with Tomáš on the design of the sales stand graphics, where he proved himself as a skilled visualiser. He processed the order quickly and flexibly for an acceptable price. If you are looking for a reliable visualizer, do not hesitate to contact Tomáš.


As a child, my favorite toy was the great SEVA kit, which leaves a lot of room for children's imagination and challenges abstract thinking, orientation in 3D space and fine motor skills.
Perhaps because of its essence as a game with 3D space, my profession today is 3D graphics. After all, its pieces remind me very much of "pieces" from the field of 3D graphics - vertex, edge and face. I still enjoy SEVA and it inspires me to this day.

As a 3D graphic designer - generalist, I have been creating 3D graphics and animations for more than 10 years, focusing on advertising product visualizations and key visuals. At the same time, I emphasize detail, balanced lighting and overall composition. 

I also help clients with the creation of 3D models, 3D mascots, figurines for subsequent 3D printing or story scenarios that require the layout of individual shots using a storyboard. That's why I often collaborate with film production, especially in the field of VFX.


I live a family life in Prague with two beautiful children and a crazy Bostonian Rex. I am interested in historical, popular science and science fiction literature. I like to run in nature, swim in cold water, or build something out of SEVA with the children :)


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