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  • Key visuals

  • Visualizations & animations

  • Product Explainer Videos
  • Character design

​I will gladly to create for you a catchy
3D visualizations and animations of yours products or ideas. I can to bring my own concepts or to colaborate with yours art director to produce visuals which best suits to yours marketing strategy.

I can make happen for you 3d arts for a marketing campain, a product visualization for commercial, an explainer video or 3d animation from storyboard to post-production.

Also I can design 3d character of mascot for your brand or maybe a toy character which can exist in real or Unreal world.​

​Feel free to contact me for a consultation.


Jan Zavadil

Tomáš and I worked closely together as a team for over a year. Tomáš is a skillfull generalist with an emphasis on modelling, lighting and rendering of product key visuals and animations.
His wide variety of skills in various 2D and 3D software packages, makes him capable of completing any project.
He is able to quickly adhere to a new pipeline and grasp a new software, which he had to do during the time we worked together with no problems.
His attention to detail and his design ability, make every visual into a great result.
He is also an aspiring storyboard artist, with a good feeling for story, flow, cut and directing.
Tomáš is easy to talk to, which creates a smooth workenvironment and cooperation. Hence I am sure he will take care of your project with easy and smile on his face.

Tomas graduated at art school after first moves in creative field became self-educated 3d artist. He has gained experience while colaborating with people from different creative fields on varied projects and during work in worldwide advertising companies.

He lives in Prague, has a nice family with two kids and dog Rex. He has passion about bike, sci-fi, digital sculpting, 3d printing and hardening in cold water.

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